Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Pack Meeting

I don't think I have gushed about my calling. I have THE best calling in Cub Scouts.
I was only a Wolf Den Leader for 6 weeks before we decided to move.
I loved that calling, but I didn't know love - until now.
I am the Cub Master. I am in charge of the monthly meeting where each den comes together, gets awards, and has fun together. Basically - a party planner.
There isn't a more perfect calling for me out there. (right now)
Anyway, today I did a snowflake/tools theme.
We had 19 cubs come and everyone had a GREAT time.
They earned this segment:

We talked about being tools (the good kind) hahaha
Tools of Jesus, Tools he used, how to be like Jesus, and then we used tools to to make our ornaments.

The Skit. This was so cute.
We made Snowflakes:
This is was a little difficult to get the hang of, but after the first leg of the snowflake, they seemed to get a handle of it.
We played games with "snowballs" Here, they had to collect snowballs and load them into the cup.
We played Snowball toss.

I had the siblings make a different kind of ornament:
We had 19 boys come, and we all had a great time.  I really had fun planning this one!