Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sports Pack Meeting

I have never been to a blue and gold banquet.

I did a Sports Theme, and related it to the Positive Attitude Value.
I made Sliders, and Hot Dogs, and did concession themed food.
It was pretty cute.

I didn't want to do anything hokey, or "pinteresty" so I did my own thing!

 The centerpieces were simple, and easy. Boys don't need fluff.

 I had all of the games we were playing on the food table wall.
My kid earned a basketball segment, his Wolf, 5 Arrow Points, and The council Scout Month Patch.
Let's take a look at that:
There were certain requirements each boy had to do in order to receive this.
All 37 of my boys earned this patch. I am so proud.
You read that right, we have 37 cubs TOTAL in my pack.
We aren't combined, we aren't a super pack, this is all one ward. *sigh*

We ate first. I had 115 people to serve.
 We did awards, then games.
This was called Equipment Tree Relay.
 There was one "tree" and then each time a person ran up, they would have to add different equipment to the tree.

 The kids LOVED this. We played it 2x and I think they would have loved to have kept going.

 The next game we played was Football Fumble.

Then we did Basketball Drill Relay.

The theme was Cheer/Positive Attitude.
Instead of playing a serious game of basketball, or an intense game of football, we used sports equipment in a different way to keep things fun, and light.
The kids had an excellent time, and everyone participated.

We also had no leftovers.

I think this activity went really well, minus me losing my "talk" and having to wing it.
There are a few things I would do differently next time, but that is to be expected with any major activity. Hahaha

Also, I had 2 birthdays this month, so I made cupcakes that looked like this:
not my picture

This is only my 3rd Pack Meeting, so I am going to give myself a pat on the back.
I also wore a Ref Jersey and Whistle UNDER my scout shirt, because, I just love that scout shirt so much.