Friday, January 30, 2015

Money Pack Meeting

Another awesome Pack Meeting bites the dust. This activity I did money themed.
We talked about being resourceful and thrifty since Cubs are transitioning to the Boy Scouts Law and Oath. They earned the piggy bank segment. See it? I love these things.

Our boys earned a TON of awards this time. I am so proud of them.
 We had 18 boys there, and they were so good.
We talked about being resourceful and then, I tied how a dollar bill was just like cub scouting for the awards. Found HERE

 This dollar bill has several things in common with Cub Scouting. George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, is pictured on every dollar bill. In Cub Scouting, every boy who joins must earn the Bobcat badge, the first rank of Cub Scouting. Tonight, we have (number) boys earning the Bobcat badge. (Call forward boys and their parents.)

“Your Flag” and “Duty to God” are two achievements earned toward the Wolf badge. Wolf Cub Scouts also work to earn arrow points. On the back of the dollar bill is an eagle wearing the American flag as a shield and clutching 13 arrows. Also, our national motto, “In God We Trust,” is printed on the back. Tonight, we have (number) boys earning the Wolf badge. (Call forward boys and their parents.)

The dollar bill shows 13 leaves on the olive branch held by the eagle, and the 13 arrows stand for the 13 original colonies and for their safety and protection. This coincides with the “Be Ready” and “What Makes America Special” achievements for Bear Cub Scouts. Tonight, we have (number) boys earning the Bear badge. (Call forward boys and their parents.)

 Our boys are earning the Athlete and Engineer activity badges. Also on the back of the dollar bill is a pyramid, which is a monument to great engineering. The numeral 1, printed in several places on the bill, reminds me of how athletes strive to do their best to be No. 1. Tonight, these boys have earned Webelos activity badges. (Call forward boys and their parents.)

 There’s one more thing to notice about the dollar bill. In the top, left-hand corner is printed “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” That means merchants are guaranteed it is worth one dollar. When you are in your Cub Scout uniform, people should be guaranteed that you are a good Scout.

 They each got a fresh crisp bill, and we talked and pointed out cool things that are similar.
 The wolves were in charge of the skit. Bears were in charge of flag, and Webelos had snack. They also presented some cool posters they made. 

Then we split up to play games. I had 3 games for them to play with REAL money. They loved this!

I had the siblings intermingle with the scouts.
Each Den Leader helped with a game.

It was so cool, and I was a little Miss Frizzle-ish. Hahaha.

I decided to be Miss Frizzle and wear a money necklace.
Anything to supplement that oh so pretty scout shirt. Haha.