Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art Pack Meeting

This was a chill activity.
I had 2 Arrow of Lights, and it was awesome!

I made Rice Krispy Paint Brushes.

Each group of boys had to do some type of Art Project. My kid watched a youtube video on how to draw a camp fire, and then painted this.

I wish you could see the texture of his project, it was so cool.

Then I had the boys practice a song and they performed it at the meeting.
These were the wolves minus one.
But if you listen, it sounds like my kid and his back up singers.
I made the joke "guess who's mom made them memorize it?" it got some laughs.

Then, I did an art themed arrow of light. Its similar to this MAGIC WATER
I have never seen one, or done one,and it turned out cool.

I had the boys separate into groups and we did play-doh sculpture charades.
 They absolutely loved it!

While that was happening, I had the parents write anonymous notes to the kids about their projects.
The webelos displayed their wood crafts.

We also worked on new neckerchief slides.

It was so fun and mellow! Woot!
Our value was Courteous

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