Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reptile Pack Meeting

My kid is terrified of snakes.
I had to convince him to come to pack meeting, 
because he knew that I was trying to get him to get over it.

What helped was that I invited 2 other wards to come to this pack meeting, so the boys in my building got to see almost  all of his friends at pack meeting.

The snake guy was incredible. He was perfect for our 70+ boys and they had a GREAT time.

This is where it gets interesting. I knew what was coming up, the boys had no idea.

 He had them do the Macarena and then pulled this baby out:

This was the end, and they had every boy touch it before they left. My kid had tears in his eyes, but - he still did it!

 It was fun, and they got a cool snake segment!
The value was Brave.

They don't have a lot of cool things like this in Eastern Idaho.
This particular snake guy is from Boise.
I am so glad the stars aligned and we were able to get him here!

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