Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cryptography Pack Meeting

This was our last Pack Meeting under the old program.
So, I decided to do something I did as a first time Den Leader.

I found a 10 minute video on natgeo about national treasure and how codes and ciphers go all the way back to Julius Caesar. The kids were entranced. Luckily, I prepared for a small group (since it is the summer) we had only 10 come, but I don't think my activity would have been as smooth - if there were more kids.
 I made clues through the whole building. They were to pick up a value, and head to the next spot.

 Each team had a different type of cipher. 

 Then they had to tie up the values in order.

My boy earned a new segment!

And his first belt loop on the new program!
Motor Away, on the far right!

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