Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Regatta Pack Meeting

Today was regatta day!
We moved right before our old ward had their regatta, and I am pretty sure theirs wasn't as fun as this one!

So, the snack was Jello with boats.

We had been collecting recyclables for a month. Then let the boys loose on designing their boats!

It has been rainy all month, and todays storm was particularly gnarly.
We didn't have the usual numbers, we only had 16 boys come, but, it was okay.

There were 2 set up areas.
One for the boys, and one for siblings.

The siblings had pool noodles, so nothing too hard. But, they had a great time!

Then it was time to race. But, not before the check if it floats/is it balanced station!

Ready, Set, Blow!

 the siblings adored that thy had their own racing gutter

This cub made 4 boats trying to get one to move/balance/not fill up with water. He didn't complain one time,and had a good attitude the whole time. 

My boy walked out of pack meeting with the following:
The sailboat segment, Silver Arrowpoint #5, and the World Conservation Patch!
I walked out with sore feet, and colored duct tape on my butt.

I absolutely love my calling.
Value: Friendly

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